Sales, Education and Distribution to Healthcare facilities in MD,VA,DC&DE

To Our Healthcare Clients

When a saleperson from Prevail Medical calls on you, our Healthcare Client, their primary goal is to bring value to the experience.  We will show you how to reduce infection, improve outcomes, save time or reduce your costs.  

To Our Employees

We have been in the Medical Sales industry for close to thirty years.  Our Team at Prevail Medical is eager to help our employees have fun and realize the satisfaction when introducing clinicians to unique devices and consequently helping patients.

To Our Manufacturer's

Our team has won countless awards and helped hundreds of clients market complex medical devices. From interest building to product trials and delivery, we go the extra mile to ensure your team is happy with ours .

If you are an agressive, honest, people oriented person and are looking for a career in Medical Sales, we want to hear from you.   Our founder has been in the business for over 20 years and calls on clients everyday.   Join us, have fun and know that you will make a postivie impact on Doctors, Nurses and Business executives everyday.  It is a great career!

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